Website Content For Lawyers

website content for lawyers

Having Good website content for your law firm can really make or break your long term success.

I have worked with many law firms over the years, and I’ve seen $Billion law firms continue to grow by investing in good SEO content writing for their lawyer website.

I have also helped small firms double in size by focusing on website content.

Publishing thin little 300 word blogs on worthless topics will never get you any organic website traffic that turns into a signed case.

You need content writers that know what to do with a proven track record.

We have written website content for $ Billion law firms with 200 employees, and we’ve written content for small law firms with just 3 staff members.

Before we even write any content we 

  1. Do deep keyword research
  2. Check the competition score (how hard to rank for keyword)
  3. Ensure search volume is sufficient
  4. Analyze top competitor pages that are ranking

It’s this kind of proess that gets actual results on Google.

Why Are Internal Links Important


I think most law firms really overlook how much their Users (Potential Clients) will use the internal links on the website.

Most potential clients that are searching Google for a “personal injury accident lawyer” will initially trust a website that they land on from Google.

  • Think of how Wikipedia has tons of internal links on all its web pages.
  • This isn’t by accident and their organic rankings prove the value.

If a website user sees an internal link that offers information for example on “contingency fees”, that might be helpful for an injury victim to click on and read about the fees.

Most 1st-time injury accident victims have no idea how the fees work.

Internal links offer an easy way to give users what they want while they are reading your content.

Google Loves Internal Links

First of all, when you link to your own pages with internal links you are helping Google know more about your website.

Let’s say Google crawls your law firm website content and sees the keywords “car crash lawyer” internally linked 100 times to your page about Car Accident Lawyers.

Helps enforce to the search engine what your pages are about, including long-tail keywords, and increase your On-Page SEO.

And of course, what do you think Google thinks when they see your website users (potential clients) clicking the internal links on your website and engaging with your content?

We use Google Analytics daily, and Google loves to see your website users staying on your site longer and reading your content.

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