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E Aire Libre Ave And N 16th Pl


In 2021 Phoenix had almost 41,000 car accidents, and almost 11,000 of those resulted in serious injury, and 278 resulted in death. Crashes also tend to peak between 3 and 6pm. Intersections continue to be a dangerous situation for any motorist or pedestrian who is on the roads in Phoenix. E Aire Libre Ave And N 16th Pl in Phoenix is another intersection that sees its fair share of car accidents.

Traffic Cameras in Phoenix Arizona

Traffic cameras are all over the Phoenix area and at many intersections. The Arizona Department of Transportation has over 400 cameras positioned across the state. Getting the traffic camera accident video footage of a car crash can help prove fault (speeding, running red lights, etc.) and be the difference when you are filing a car accident lawsuit.

Statute of Limitations in Arizona

If you have been injured in a car crash in Arizona you need to be aware there is a time limit when it comes to filing a lawsuit. Generally speaking you have 2 years from the date of the accident to file your injury lawsuit. Deciphering the statute of limitations for injury lawsuits in AZ.

Stop Sign Intersections

Most people think of red light intersections when they think of car accidents happening at an intersection. If you were injured at a car crash at a Phoenix intersection with stop signs then contact us today. Whether you were t-boned, rear ended or even hit head on, you might be able to file a lawsuit.

Car Accident Police Report in Arizona

After being injured in a car accident in Phoenix it's very important to get a copy of the car accident police report and make sure it's accurate. Sometimes a police report can be incorrect and place you at fault even though you weren't, which can affect your personal injury lawsuit. If you suffered an injury at the intersection of E Aire Libre Ave And N 16th Pl in Phoenix then contact Law Gang for a free consultation. Securing your car accident police report in Arizona..