Phoenix Intersections: A Dangerous Hotspot for Car Accidents

phoenix intersections are dangerous for car accidents

Phoenix intersections are notoriously dangerous for car accidents. In fact, according to recent statistics, Phoenix ranks as one of the top cities in the United States for fatal car accidents.

Many of these accidents occur at intersections, where drivers are required to navigate through multiple lanes of traffic and make split-second decisions.

The reasons for the high number of accidents at Phoenix intersections are varied. One contributing factor is the sheer volume of traffic on the roads.

Phoenix is a sprawling city with a large population, and the roads can become congested during rush hour. In addition, many intersections are poorly designed, with confusing or unclear signage and inadequate lighting.

This can make it difficult for drivers to see other vehicles or pedestrians, especially at night or during inclement weather.

Phoenix Intersections and Accident Statistics

Prevalence of Car Accidents at Intersections

Phoenix is known for its busy intersections, which unfortunately also lead to a high number of car accidents. According to recent statistics, intersections account for approximately 40% of all car accidents in Phoenix.

This means that drivers need to be extra cautious when approaching intersections and be aware of their surroundings.

One of the main reasons for the high number of accidents at intersections is the failure to yield right of way.

Drivers may try to beat a red light or fail to stop at a stop sign, resulting in a collision with another vehicle. It is important to always obey traffic signals and signs, and to be patient when waiting to turn or cross an intersection.


10 Most Dangerous Intersections in Phoenix

  • 99th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road, Phoenix – 411 crashes
  • 67th Avenue and McDowell Road, Phoenix – 251 crashes
  • 75th Avenue and Indian School Road, Phoenix – 249 crashes
  • 67th Avenue and Indian School Road, Phoenix – 263 crashes
  • 75th Avenue and McDowell Road, Phoenix – 232 crashes
  • 27th Avenue and Camelback Road, Phoenix – 210 crashes
  • 43rd Avenue and Bethany Home Road, Phoenix – 200 crashes
  • 35th Avenue and Glendale Avenue, Phoenix – 194 crashes
  • 51st Avenue and Camelback Road, Glendale – 201 crashes
  • 51st Avenue and McDowell Road, Phoenix – 202 crashes

While accidents can happen at any intersection, there are a few in Phoenix that are particularly dangerous. These intersections have a higher rate of accidents than others, and drivers should exercise extra caution when approaching them.

Another dangerous intersection in Phoenix is the intersection of 35th Avenue and Indian School Road. McDowell and Indian School Road is a nasty intersection that sees a lot of bad automobile wrecks.

This intersection has a high number of accidents due to its heavy traffic and multiple turn lanes.

Another dangerous intersection is the intersection of 19th Avenue and Northern Avenue, which has seen numerous accidents due to its high volume of traffic and confusing layout.

To stay safe while driving in Phoenix, it is important to be aware of these dangerous intersections and take extra precautions when approaching them.

Slow down, be patient, and always follow traffic laws to avoid becoming a statistic in Phoenix’s high rate of intersection accidents.


red light intersection car crash in phoenix arizona

Red Light Intersection Accident Statistics

Red light running is a serious problem in Phoenix, and it often leads to accidents at intersections.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were a total of 2,752 red light intersection accidents in Phoenix in 2023.

To combat this problem, the city has implemented red light cameras at some of the busiest intersections.

These cameras capture images of vehicles that run red lights, and the owners of those vehicles are sent a citation in the mail. While controversial, these cameras have been shown to reduce the number of red light accidents in other cities.


Stop Sign Intersection Accident Data

Stop signs are meant to help keep drivers safe at intersections, but they are often ignored.

Stop sign intersections are also a common site for accidents in Phoenix. In fact, there were over 1,000 accidents at stop sign intersections in the past year.

These accidents resulted in over 700 injuries and 5 fatalities. While these numbers are lower than those for red light accidents, they still represent a significant risk to drivers and pedestrians alike. In the next section, we’ll take a closer look at pedestrian accidents at intersections in Phoenix.

To reduce the number of accidents at stop sign intersections, the city has implemented traffic calming measures such as speed humps and roundabouts. These measures force drivers to slow down and pay closer attention to their surroundings, reducing the likelihood of accidents.


How to Get Copy of Your Phoenix Car Accident Report

If you were injured in a car crash it’s critical that you get a copy of the police report.

You need to make sure it’s correct and doesn’t put you at fault.

The police report can literally make or break a lawsuit depending on what it says.

Get help today.


Phoenix Traffic Camera Video Footage

Nowadays there are traffic cams all over Phoenix and other parts of Arizona.

Typically getting the footage can prove difficult, but we do have access to some footage (depending on how old it is) at some intersections.

Camera footage can easily help determine who was at fault, who might have been speeding, or who ran a red light, etc.


Dealing With Insurance Companies

Dealing with insurance companies after getting injured in a Phoenix car crash can be complex and overwhelming, but it’s an essential step in the process of seeking compensation for your injuries and losses.

Here are some steps to help you navigate the insurance claims process:

1. **Report the Accident**: Notify your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Provide them with basic information about the accident, including the date, time, and location, as well as the names and contact information of any other parties involved.

2. **Seek Medical Attention**: It’s crucial to seek medical attention for your injuries promptly after the accident. Even if your injuries seem minor, it’s essential to have them evaluated by a medical professional. Keep detailed records of all medical treatment and expenses related to your injuries.

3. **Document the Accident**: Take photos of the accident scene, including any damage to vehicles and any visible injuries you or other parties sustained. Obtain a copy of the police report, if one was filed, and gather contact information from any witnesses to the accident.

4. **Communicate Carefully with Insurance Adjusters**: When speaking with insurance adjusters, be honest and cooperative, but avoid admitting fault or providing unnecessary details that could be used against you. Stick to the facts of the accident and the extent of your injuries.

5. **Keep Records**: Keep detailed records of all communication with the insurance company, including phone calls, emails, and letters. Take notes during conversations with adjusters, including the date, time, and content of the discussion.

6. **Review Your Policy**: Review your insurance policy to understand the coverage you have and any limitations or exclusions that may apply to your claim. If you have uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, it may provide additional protection if the other party is uninsured or underinsured.

7. **Consider Legal Representation**: If you encounter difficulties or disputes with the insurance company, or if you’re unsure about your rights and options, consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you. A lawyer can advocate for your interests, negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, and help ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Dealing with insurance companies after a car crash can be challenging, but following these steps can help protect your rights and increase the likelihood of a successful insurance claim.

Remember to prioritize your health and well-being throughout the process, and don’t hesitate to seek professional legal advice if needed.



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